14 reasons make you subscribe to

15 reasons make you subscribe to

Are you a fresh graduate? Let us introduce you to Majzoub recruiting and training agency “”. Our agency helps fresh graduates finding a job opportunity.

15 reasons make you subscribe to

1- The agency is legally and officially registered in the Republic of Lebanon (Commercial Register) under No. 5007375.

2- Only legally registered users has the right to apply for the job vacancies that they exclusively receive.

3- The agency does not take any commission from the salary after employment.

4-The agency has hunted more than 470 real and documented vacancies just for legally registered users since it was established in 2016. Click here to view the previous vacancies.

5- The cost of the subscription is a nominal annual cost (valid for one year) that may save you the effort and the high cost (that might be useless) of job seeking.

6- A team of professionals works out to follow up the users applications with the companies.

7- The user’s account remains active for one year, and the user has the right to benefit from the agency’s services and apply to all the vacancies even if he/she got hired.

8- The agency mentions some of the names of the companies it deals with, in addition to mentioning some of the names of users who have been hired.

9- The agency provides advice and support for the users regarding their career development.

10- The agency has connections with companies of various majors (medical, educational, trading, touristic…) and others.

11- The agency has a training department aims at providing the job seekers with skills and competencies required by the labor market.

12- The agency follows up the case of each user by comparing the number of vacancies sent to him with the number of those he applied for, and searching to find out the reason of rejection in order to raise his level of efficiency.

13- The agency gives a special discount for users on all courses and workshops held by the training department in addition to a special discount on all the e-learning lessons produced by the agency.

14- Having advantage from the agency’s connections with companies of various sizes (small, medium, large and international companies).

How to subscribe?

For more information:

 Phone number: 07732441 / 71141944


 Address: Saida- near Saida mall