Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can upgrade your account.

If the user did not receive any job vacancy throughout his membership period (one year), in this case - and upon his request- he would have the right to choose one of the following choices, within 14 days after the expiry of his membership: 1- Renewing his membership (subscription) for one full year for Free.2- Registering in any training course in the training department with the deduction of the…

It is a registration fee so it must be paid upon subscribing to the office.

Yes it remains active till its expiry date.

The office doesn’t take any commission.

This subscription is to be informed of the needed vacancies only, and the user has to pay the subscription fee before he gets the job.

The office does not undertake to secure jobs into a specific time frame, but according to what are the  required job vacancies.

The role of the office is submitting the users who match the job vacancy specifications only, and the recruiting company decides who the suitable user for its job vacancy is.

The user has the right to know the details of the vacancies related to his major only.

The user is free whether to renew his subscription every year or not.

The user doesn’t pay anything for interviews since the annual subscription fee is paid previously.