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Saida municipality congratulates for hunting 167 job vacancies.

Mr. Mohammed Al Saoudi welcomed in his office in Saida Municipality Palace, the CEO of “” Recruiting Agency Mr. Alaa Al Majzoub who gave a full description about the agency’s working procedure and explained its vital role in helping the job seekers to find jobs without any commission and with a very low annual registration fee.

Mr. Majzoub also informed Mr. Saoudi about “” advanced online visual statistcs section which releases regular reports  about  the demanded  domains in labor market in a way that helps youth to choose the suitable university majors.

On his turn, Mr. Saoudi congratulated Mr. Majzoub for the achievements of “” Agency which are recorded in a short time, especially for  hunting 167 job vacancies distributed among Lebanon, Dubai, Nigeria and many other countries.

Mr. Saoudi asserted on the importance of  youth approaches in fighting the crisis of unemployment, he also assured that all efforts must be joined together for this purpose.

In a message to the youth, Mr. Majzoub asked them to enhance their capabilities and experiences so that they can compete in the labor market since companies are always looking for employees with highest qualifications. He also announced that the agency is about to assign a series of cooperation agreements with educational and economic associations that aim at training youth and enhancing their productivity.